Fiesta de Lakeside!

Year 3 are back and ready to celebrate the summer! We will be looking at different festivals for our new Topic this term ‘Fiesta de Lakeside!’ The children have been researching and creating some fantastic homework projects over the Easter holidays and we are very excited to start learning about our first Festival which is all about Shadow Puppets. At the end of the term the children will be selecting a festival they would like to show and perform at our very own Lakeside school festival which parents will be invited to.


Bones and Stones….

Year 3 have had a great first day back to school with a very exciting new topic! When the children arrived this morning their classroom was a complete mess and it looked as though someone had been to visit. The children managed to find some clues….some dinosaur footprints! The children have also been researching dinosaurs outside of school and created some really fantastic projects. This is going to be a very exciting term.

Roman Invasion!

Over the last couple of weeks year 3 have been learning to march like roman soldiers during our dance lessons. They have learnt to march on their own, in pairs and small groups in order to form the famous tortoise formation that Roman soldiers used during battles. The children have been using their hands as shields and learning how to follow a leader as a class group. We then used these skills to perform a dance in which class 10 acted as the roman soldiers and class 11 acted as the Britons trying to attack them.

Odd Socks…

IMG_0025Today we have been celebrating Odd Socks Day! Lakeside pupils have taken part in this celebration because it is anti-bullying week and we are raising awareness that we are all different but equal. The children loved wearing mismatched socks and enjoyed telling their friends what their favourite socks look like. Here is a picture of Class 11 showing off their beautiful patterns.

iCan Cup Winners

For our KS2 celebration assembly, Year 3 voted for  a member of their class to become the iCan cup winner. Each child had to explain why they believed their nominee deserved to win. The winners are:

Class 10 – Lucy for continuously aiming high and being a kind and caring friend.

Class 11 – Maya for never giving up and always being caring.

Class 12 – Hayden G for showing resilience in his learning.

Well done to these fantastic pupils!

Gloucester City Museum

On Friday 13th October Year 3 took a trip to the Gloucester City Museum to learn all about the romans. The children explored the under ground chamber (Glevum) where the old roman wall used to surround Gloucester city and learnt all about how retired romans came to Gloucester  to a colonia after serving in the army for 25 years. The children then learnt about the armour and weapons roman soldiers wore and even had a go at trying it on. In the afternoon the children then visited the roman galleries in the museum, trying on roman outfits and re-enacting everyday life as a roman. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and are looking forward to finding out more during our topic lessons.


Sandwich Making!

Last Friday year 3 made their very own sandwiches. This was part of our theme ‘Narnia’ where the children had to design a new sandwich for afternoon tea with Mr. Tumnus. Thank you to all the parents who donated a variety of breads and fillings. The children thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with different ingredients as well as tasting and evaluating each others sandwiches.


Year 3 September 2017!

Welcome to a new school year and the start of KS2 for our Year 3 cohort!

Mrs Ingram, Miss Young and Miss Pepper are excited to start the school year with the theme ‘Narnia’. We will be creating our own computer animations of a scene from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as well as making delicious treats found throughout the novel! Please see our theme map for all subject/theme details.


PE/Games: Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon

Homework: Sent out on a Friday, due in the following Wednesday. This will consist of spellings and sentence work, plus a maths task linked the the learning undertaken during the week! A spelling quiz will take place on a Thursday once homework is returned