Our willow classroom

Back in April we worked Y4 to construct our willow classroom. We are enjoying watching it grow:


It is amazing how the willow has settled into the ground. Jake

I am surprised at how the willow has grown. Lewis

It is quite interesting to see how every part of the structure has its own shape. Eliza


Look at the ponds we helped to build!

Back in July and September we worked together to plant up the ponds and build bog gardens in the Lakeside Wetland. We also learnt how to keep our ponds healthy. This is what the ponds look like now:

I am impressed with how the flowers are growing and all of the pretty colours. Hudson

I am really surprised. It all looked a bit of a mess but now there are plants growing in the water.Jasmin

I didn’t think it would work out this well. Now it looks really pretty. Ellie




Iron Age Fort – Visit to Cleeve Common!

Our legs definitely had a work out on Friday during our visit to the Iron Age Fort! We arrived at ‘base camp’, before being led to the fort. Along the way, we paused at certain locations to gather more knowledge about life in the Iron Age. At the fort, we imagined where the houses would have been and what they would have looked like inside!

Year 3 Stone Age Experience Day

IMG_20170518_100440IMG_20170518_103842Year 3 had a very exciting day learning all about the Stone Age. Tim and Jane provided workshops to show us how to build Stone Age shelters, light fires using flint, make pots with clay and hunt animals with spears and bows and arrows! We even tried a Stone Age recipe of oat bread and honey- delicious! We had a fabulous time and really enjoyed getting stuck in to Stone Age living and thank goodness it didn’t rain!


Nature in Art 24.2.17

Year 3 enjoyed a very creative day at Nature in Aimg_20170224_102652rt on Friday 24th February! We completed two workshops related to our theme ‘Routes’ to Shoots.

Workshop one was called ‘Leaf Relief’- we made rubbings of different leaves through layers of foil and black paint. The outcome was very effective!

Workshop two involved making plant life cycle dials using mixed media. We also had the chance to explore the grounds and reflect upon the many artistic sculptures in the house and gardens.

Reading Challenge Winners!

Well done to Regan, Isla, Aimee, Emma L and Hugo who managed to read every week with an adult at least 3 times and have their reading records signed. A special certificate was given to Thomas for completing his book reviews in great detail each week! Miss Twinning and Miss Guest are very proud of these super readers…will we have more next term?! img_20170210_115209