Sandwich Making!

Last Friday year 3 made their very own sandwiches. This was part of our theme ‘Narnia’ where the children had to design a new sandwich for afternoon tea with Mr. Tumnus. Thank you to all the parents who donated a variety of breads and fillings. The children thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with different ingredients as well as tasting and evaluating each others sandwiches.



Year 3 September 2017!

Welcome to a new school year and the start of KS2 for our Year 3 cohort!

Mrs Ingram, Miss Young and Miss Pepper are excited to start the school year with the theme ‘Narnia’. We will be creating our own computer animations of a scene from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as well as making delicious treats found throughout the novel! Please see our theme map for all subject/theme details.


PE/Games: Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon

Homework: Sent out on a Friday, due in the following Wednesday. This will consist of spellings and sentence work, plus a maths task linked the the learning undertaken during the week! A spelling quiz will take place on a Thursday once homework is returned

Cheltenham Music Festival

We were lucky enough to go to the Cheltenham Music Festival on Friday 7th July to watch the Concert for Schools, organised by Birmingham Conservatoire. We even had front row seats! We listened to performances from ‘Brass Monkeys’ and an Estonian choir, before composing our own piece with help from the instrumentalists and the other schools that were there. After the concert, we had the opportunity to go to some instrument workshops and play the double bass, violin, oboe and flute.

All of the children had a fantastic time; it was great to hear and appreciate live music from the professionals!


Fun during Healthy Living Week!

Last week was a very active one! We were lucky enough to have visits from Bournside, Cheltenham Town FC and Ultimate Warrior. We also explored the ‘Make me a Superhero’ scheme from Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning.IMG_20170626_140838IMG_20170629_144957

Our willow classroom

Back in April we worked Y4 to construct our willow classroom. We are enjoying watching it grow:


It is amazing how the willow has settled into the ground. Jake

I am surprised at how the willow has grown. Lewis

It is quite interesting to see how every part of the structure has its own shape. Eliza


Look at the ponds we helped to build!

Back in July and September we worked together to plant up the ponds and build bog gardens in the Lakeside Wetland. We also learnt how to keep our ponds healthy. This is what the ponds look like now:

I am impressed with how the flowers are growing and all of the pretty colours. Hudson

I am really surprised. It all looked a bit of a mess but now there are plants growing in the water.Jasmin

I didn’t think it would work out this well. Now it looks really pretty. Ellie




Iron Age Fort – Visit to Cleeve Common!

Our legs definitely had a work out on Friday during our visit to the Iron Age Fort! We arrived at ‘base camp’, before being led to the fort. Along the way, we paused at certain locations to gather more knowledge about life in the Iron Age. At the fort, we imagined where the houses would have been and what they would have looked like inside!

Year 3 Stone Age Experience Day

IMG_20170518_100440IMG_20170518_103842Year 3 had a very exciting day learning all about the Stone Age. Tim and Jane provided workshops to show us how to build Stone Age shelters, light fires using flint, make pots with clay and hunt animals with spears and bows and arrows! We even tried a Stone Age recipe of oat bread and honey- delicious! We had a fabulous time and really enjoyed getting stuck in to Stone Age living and thank goodness it didn’t rain!